Yepp Giveaway Rules

1. Buying entries:

To purchase entries for giveaways, you need to register in the app and start earning Yepp Coins. Yepp Coins are the app's internal currency, which you can use to buy entries into giveaways. You can earn Yepp Coins in the following ways:

2. Choosing the winner:

The winner of the giveaway is chosen randomly using the Linux built-in random number generator.

3. Multiple winners:

If there are two or three winners in a giveaway, the system goes through a similar process of selecting a random participant, removing all entries of previous winners, and then choosing another random participant for each subsequent winner.

4. Increasing chances:

Purchasing more entries increases your chances of winning, but doesn't guarantee it. For example, if there are 100 entries in a giveaway and User A has 50 entries, while User B has 2 entries, User A has a 50% chance of winning, while User B has a 2% chance of winning.

5. Leaderboard:

The leaderboard on the giveaway screen shows the number of participants and their entries but doesn't guarantee a win in the giveaway. It's important to remember that any participant can win in a giveaway, even those who have purchased only one entry.