“Profile Boost”

and “Super Boost”

Welcome to our app with two powerful features to help you earn even more Yepp Coins

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Let's start with

"Profile Boost"

This feature doubles your rewards for completing tasks such as:

  • using the app every day
  • inviting friends
  • earning Yepp Coins for the day in your referral's app
  • getting views on your memes

And as an extra bonus, you'll receive 1000 Yepp Coins to spend as you please.

boost screenshot

The cost of

"Profile Boost" :
  • 1 day $1.99/day $1.99
  • BEST DEAL 3 days $1.83/day save 15% $5.49
  • 7 days $1.43/day save 45% $9.99

But what if you want even more rewards?

That's where "Super Boost"

comes in

With "Super Boost" you get:

  • four times the rewards
  • bonus of 2000 Yepp Coins
  • two spins of the wheel of fortune
  • access to premium giveaways
  • no limit on the number of memes you can post per day
  • permanent 30% discount on giveaways entries.
boost screenshot

Here are
the prices for

"Super Boost":

  • 1 day $4.99/day $4.99
  • BEST DEAL 3 days $4.33/day save 15% $12.99
  • 7 days $2.86/day save 45% $19.99

So, whether you choose "Profile Boost" or "Super Boost", you can be sure you're getting the most out of our app and earning more Yepp Coins than ever before. Upgrade today and start boosting your rewards!

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