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Here you will find all the information you need about what giveaways are in our application and how you can participate in them.

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What is

the Giveaways?

Giveaways are a great way to test your luck and win big prizes

First Giveaways
for all users

In our application, we conduct giveaways that are available to all users. To participate in giveaways, you need to buy entries, which can be purchased through Yepp Coins.

Second Buy

The more entries you buy, the more chances you have to win a big prize. In our giveaways, we offer a variety of prizes, ranging from gift cards to new smartphones and laptops.

Third Premium

In addition, we have premium giveaways that are only available to users who have purchased "Super Boost". This gives you even more chances to win big prizes that are not available to regular users.

The Giveaways

We constantly update our giveaways and add new prizes, so you always have the opportunity to win something new and exciting. Buy entries, participate in giveaways and win big prizes today!

Don't forget that all our giveaways are conducted fairly and transparently. We use the most advanced technologies to ensure that each participant has an equal chance of winning.

To see more detailed information, please refer to the 'Rules of the Giveaway' .

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Q: Why did I buy a lot of entries, end up on the leaderboard, but still didn't win?

A: Each giveaway in the Yepp app is random, and winning depends on luck. Purchasing more entries increases your chances of winning but does not guarantee it. The leaderboard displays users with the most entries, but that does not mean they will necessarily win. It's essential to remember that any participant can win a giveaway, even those who bought only one entry.

Q: What are premium giveaways?

A: Premium giveaways are special events in the Yepp app where you can win even more valuable prizes, such as the latest gadgets, Amazon gift cards, drones, and more. To participate in premium giveaways, you need to purchase the Super Boost option. Super Boost increases your chances of winning by offering discounts on giveaways, additional gifts in the form of Yepp Coins, and many other advantages.

Q: How to buy giveaway entries?

A: To purchase entries for giveaways, you need to register in the Yepp app and start earning Yepp Coins. Yepp Coins are the app's internal currency, which you can use to buy entries in giveaways. You can earn Yepp Coins in the following ways:

  • Use the app every day: for regular use of the app, you will be rewarded with Yepp Coins.
  • Invite friends: for each invited friend who registers in the app, you will receive additional Yepp Coins.
  • Earn Yepp Coins for views of your memes: create interesting and original memes, and for each view, you will receive Yepp Coins.

Once you have earned enough Yepp Coins, select the giveaway you are interested in and click the "Get Entry" button.

Q: How to claim your prize?

A: If you become the lucky winner of a prize, you will receive a notification in the app. To claim your prize, follow the instructions in the notification or the giveaway. Depending on the prize, you can receive it by mail or as an electronic certificate (e.g., for Amazon gift cards).

Consolation prizes and the Wheel of Fortune

A: In our giveaways, we offer consolation prizes for all participants. If you don't win the main prize in a giveaway, you can spin the Wheel of Fortune for free and are guaranteed to receive a certain amount of Yepp Coins. This is our way of thanking you for participating and supporting the Yepp app.

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