How to earn

HOW TO withdraw

How to withdraw

  1. Meet YeppCoin


    YeppCoin is our in-app digital currency. 100 YeppCoins = 1 USDT, which holds the same value as a US dollar.

    Step 1
  2. Createa TRC20 wallet

    There are many options that support the Tron blockchain. For some examples: Binance or Binance US for US users.

    Step 2
  3. Withdrawyour money

    You only need 1000 YeppCoins to withdraw to your wallet. Your first withdrawal request will be available 2 days after reaching the minimum threshold.

    Step 3

How to earn more

  1. Promote Yepp

    Promote Yepp

    Running a social media page? Use the power of your Insta, TikTok or YouTube and share your Yepp invite link with your followers.

  2. Encourage your audience

    Encourageyour audience

    Keep your audience engaged within the Yepp app! Share new memes and create stuff with your followers, collaboration and community is key.

  3. Avoid cheating and misleading

    Avoid cheatingand misleading

    To protect our legitimate users we detect any and all fraud, referral cheats and fake installs. Every fraudster is banned and loses the possibility of withdrawing their YeppCoin.