Our manifesto

At Yepp, transparency is key. We're building a fair income distribution model through a decentralized, autonomous organization. Our goal is to have a stable internal economy of prizes where everyone is fairly rewarded.

Unlike other startups, we don't rely on investor money. Our company has been operating for over ten years without any outside investment, and our shareholders come from diverse backgrounds. We've earned everything we have through our own hard work.

How does advertising work?

With over a decade of experience in the User-Generated Content industry, we've found the most stable way to monetize our product is through advertising. This includes banner ads and native ads in the feed, which have minimal impact on user experience.

We've integrated with various advertising networks, like Google AdMob, Amazon, Facebook, and AppLovin, to create real-time auctions for each ad impression. The highest bid wins.

In light of recent privacy concerns, we understand that ad monetization may not be for everyone. That's why we offer a Bro-subscription option, which replaces advertising as a way to sustain our economy while also turning off all related tracking and data transfer to advertisers.